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Welcome to my Webshop!

Here you will find products for fostering the quality of relationships - between partners, between friends, between parents and children.

At the moment I only offer one product but some more are already in planning, so stay tuned and visit once in a while to see what's new!

If you yourself have ideas for games or products which might fit in with my range of articles, feel free to get in touch with me, maybe we will find a possibility to collaborate?!

REFLECTION DIE made of Beechwood with Laser Engraving, size 5x5 cm for 9.95 Euro (+shipment)

This die supports you in playfully introducing more rituals of connection into your everyday life and your family!

I originally designed this die for my own family, because I wanted to give our common meals more meaning and use them to strengthen the connections between the family members, to support the children in building important capacities and competencies and to give all family members an opportunity to learn from one another.

The questions on the dice are based on psychological research (more specific information can be found here) and the dice are currently available in four languages, potentially a production in other languages would be possible on sufficient demand. In case you are interested in this, please contact me here.

These six questions are laser engraved on the dice: What is the best thing that happened to me today? What was challenging for me today? What did I learn today? Whom did I make happy today? How was I of service today? What am I grateful for today?

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