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Relationship Test "How Compatible Are We?"

Have you ever asked yourself how compatible you and your partner are? What the strengths of your relationship are? Where the challenges lie? If the same things are important to both of you or whether you set your priorities quite differently?

If you would like to get a professional assessment how compatible you and your partner are, I can offer you a scientifically reviewed test with in-depth analysis of your compatibility, as well as the strengths and challenges of your relationship.

Maybe you are at the beginning of a relationship and would like to know how compatible you are or you have been together for a while and consider if the foundation of your relationship is strong enough to “pop the question”. Maybe you would also simply like some feedback on the  areas your relationship distinguishes itself in and the areas in which it would be useful to work on your relationship in order to make your everyday life together more beautiful and fulfilling.

If you would like to have answers to these questions, get in touch with me and I will send you an in-depth questionnaire with 935 questions. You then answer the questions separately and without speaking to each other about it and send the questionnaires back to me.

Within one week you receive an in-depth written evaluation of the questionnaires.

Price: 140,- €