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About Lifelines

In the course of our lives we sometimes reach a parting of the ways where our path of life all of a sudden takes a new turn. Sometimes it is a positive change, like a wedding, the birth of a child or the start of a career, sometimes it is a painful experience like the loss of a beloved person, a miscarriage or the death of a child, an unemployment or a divorce.

Oftentimes we then wish for a person who accompanies us through the challenges and changes related to these critical life events. Somebody who helps us sort our thoughts and make these transitions as smooth as possible. This is exactly where my work starts.

My work contains different areas - since every situation, every wallet and every person is different and therefore only individual solutions can create satisfactory results. I work in the Heidelberg, Mannheim, Rhein-Neckar, Odenwald and Kraichgau area and offer my counselling at the Familienzentrum (Family Center) in Bammental. If you do not live in the area, there is also the possibility to continue counselling (after an initial session in person) via phone or video conference and only have occasional appointments at the practice. Home visits are also possible in principle.

Maybe you thought until now that one should only make use of psychological counselling when one cannot master one's personal problems by oneself anymore? My approach is a little different - I would like to support you in order not to even get to this point. In many areas of medicine we increasingly realize the importance of prevention and prophylaxis. In the field of psychology the same is true - a preventive accompaniment is more effective and less painful and can produce better results at lower costs. The time and effort dedicated to such work are a direct investment in your future and your personal happiness.