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Birth of a Child

The birth of a child is a wonderful gift and it marks the beginning of a very exciting and new phase in the life of the couple. Within a few hours everyday life of the new parents changes radically: the new task of caring for a completely dependent human being is unknown and unfamiliar for many people today. Chores have to be shared in new (and just) ways, the relationship has to be re-defined and creative ways have to be found to satisfy the needs of all family members.

Almost all prospective parents today attend a birthing class in order to prepare for the hours of the birth. But what about the hours, days and weeks after birth? Often the new parents have to face these challenges more or less alone because they do not live in the system of a big family anymore and cannot rely on help from grandparents, uncles, aunts, siblings, cousins etc.

During this time it is important to master the new living conditions, preserve the quality of the relationship and make sure the relationship endures. Science unfortunately shows that this transition is difficult for many couples. Often relationship satisfaction declines significantly, partners withdraw from each other and the overall strain increases, due to lack of sleep, stress and not clearly defined roles etc. As an effect of these pressures the likelihood of a separation or divorce increases. A preventive intervention can help here. Therefore I gladly support you to learn not to lose each other as a couple when you become parents.