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Experiences with Marriage Preparation

We took Katrin Modabber's seminar in order to prepare for our life together and starting a family. It enabled us to deeply get to know our partner and ourselves, clearly showed us our personal issues, tasks and challenges which we brought to the relationship. We got better acquainted with our own personalities and learned to relate to our partner in an authentic and transparent way. Theories and tools were conveyed which allow and enable harmonious work on the relationship and make the relationship stronger, more sturdy and less susceptible to losing its quality. A lot in this process depends on ourselves and our own motivation is required. We especially liked that the therapist was very empathetic, showed understanding and accompanied us constructively through our issues. Despite a clear and meaningful structure, there was room for deepening certain aspects and making some "detours", whenever this seemed relevant. We also found it very effective that a clear and detailed image was conveyed through the questionnaires even before the first meeting.
In short: intense, compact, basic, honest/authentic, positively-benevolent, interesting and insightful. Virtually invaluably precious.

Holle and Jörg, a happy little family since July 2018

Thank you so very, very much for this wonderful workshop. We learned a lot and will recommend this workshop to every couple! We felt very comfortable and were able to freely express what was on our hearts. Thank you so much for the trust that was created in this setting.
A wonderful workshop, based on the "Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work", which combines theory and practice. After some theoretical input exercises for everyday life, based on concrete examples from the life of the couple, are implemented and deepened. You always have the opportunity to ask questions and introduce your own ideas and personal challenges.
We especially like that focus was laid on different points and the structure was tailored to our individual needs and challenges. Furthermore we were often referred back to the questionnaires we had filled out beforehand and which had been strikingly analysed.
The marriage preparation workshop pointed out challenges which we will probably encounter in our life together due to our respective socializations and provided us with tools to effectively manage them.

Nora and Jascha, happily married since June 2018

Marriage Preparation with Katrin Modabber ist a great chance for a couple to think deeply, test and strengthen their connection and finally become aware of the tools and strengths which are necessary for a lifelong partnership together.
we especially liked the clear structure, based on well-grounded experience and knowledge but also perfectly custom-fit to our needs. Despite the clear structure there was always plenty of time for our questions and extensive excursions into these topics.
All in all we can say that it is a personal workshop which speaks to and challenges the heart as well as the mind, in order to be able to take one of the most important decisions of life. We warmly recommend it to everyone.

Marisa and Christopher, happily married since September 2017

The marriage preparation was loving and constructive, helpful, concise, thought-provoking, insightful and fun. The therapist was great!
We especially liked how the marriage preparation joined the theoretical concept with the practical exercises. It was catered to our needs and topics that concerned us about our relationship. We wish we could have had more time!

Mirella and Joel, happily married since January 2017

M arriage preparation with Katrin Modabber is interesting and we recommend it, because she is very dedicated and the ideas are helpful for a healthy and happy marriage. She helped us to work with important questions and identify potential problems. The extremely positive approach encourages to joyfully make the relationship something really special. The wealth of material gives wonderful impulses for the further work on the relationship at home and can always be used as needed. The atmosphere was cordial, joyful and full of humor. The exercises were very good and practical and brought out different views and perspectives in the area of conflict management. The feedback from the questionnaires we had filled in before the workshop was very fascinating since it always related the topics back to our own relationship.

Louisa and Christian, happily married since December 2014

The 16 hour marriage preparation program we participated in with Katrin Modabber was a very useful and helpful preparation for our marital life. It has many wonderful and practical elements which can be applied in everyday life. There was enough room for individual learning processes and some additional topics specifically matched to our relationship and needs and we still perfectly stayed within the time frame. The slides, the texts, the materials and the structure were very beautiful and it was easy for us to open up and share our personal and individual topics. We can wholeheartedly recommend this program to every couple planning to marry or live together. The seminar was given to us by our parents as a gift and it was one of the best gifts we received!

Clara and Daniel, happily married since September 2013

To all newly married couples or those thinking of getting married, we highly recommend taking a marriage preparation course, specifically by Katrin Modabber! In German or English!
We especially liked the professional and very knowledgeable assessment of our personalities and backgrounds and the positive attitude (we thought it might be too emotional). We also liked the theoretical information and the good books used. It would have been ideal to have more time/an extra day devoted to discussing our problems but for those eight hours it was pretty perfect. The workshop was very useful, creative and suited to our specific needs, we felt supported and well advised. It was very reassuring and empowering and a very nice start of marriage!

Esra and Hormoz, happily married since February 2013

We found the marriage preparation seminar with Mrs. Modabber to be very helpful. It not only provides basic knowledge essential for the success of a marriage, but also practical tips you can apply in your daily interactions. With her competence and sensitivity as well as her years of experience in working with couples, Mrs. Modabber is able to point out possible stumbling blocks that may occur in every marriage and identify constructive ways to transform them into stepping stones of progress. All in all we can really recommend this preparation for the great adventure to future married couples in order to be neither naive nor worried when embarking on this great undertaking.

Ursula and Navid, happily married since January 2011

We got married in August 2008 and our wedding will always stand out in our memory as one of the best days of our lives and you contributed a lot to it. Long before the wedding you supported us and stood by our side with a lot of time and advice. We were able to have hours of marriage preparation conversations with you: about the right choice of partner, the importance of marriage, handling conflict, spiritual attitudes, parenting, and much more. With these valuable discussions and useful literature tips, we engaged extensively in these topics and exchanged ideas and felt well prepared for our common path of marriage.
We wish each couple that with your help they can also prepare so well for their wedding, and, more importantly, for life after the wedding.

Susanne and Andreas, happily married since August 2008

The courses on marriage preparation by Katrin Modabber which we visited have helped us not to decide to get married on the spur of the moment but with both heart and mind. The various topics and exercises have helped us to reach clarity about ourselves and our expectations of our partner. The courses sharpened our attentiveness to our relationship, pointed us to potential areas of conflict every relationship is faced by sooner or later, and at the same time provided us with the tools to manage them. For those who do not want to leave the success of their marriage to chance, the courses offer a variety of valuable suggestions. Based on the positive experience with the seminars we also decided to go in for personal counseling. With her expertise and empathy Katrin Modabber has helped us a lot.

Samira and Johannes, happily married since September 2007

After we had participated in the wonderful marriage preparation workshop by Katrin Modabber, we decided to also see her for individual marriage preparation before our wedding in July 2006. The topics covered caused us to reflect a lot and we extensively looked into them. Although we had already talked at length about the subject of marriage, the psychological marriage preparation taught us a lot and was a very enriching experience. Familiar topics were looked at from a different angle and new fields were addressed which we hadn’t been aware of before. For us, the joint participation as a couple was a good basis for further conversations on many of the fundamental topics of the relationship. Katrin Modabber has the ability to blend theoretical and practical aspects in a very balanced way and she provided us with exercises which later enriched our married life and made us more resilient in times of crises. Her professional mindset, her many years of experience and her sensitive nature enable extremely trusting communication and she can tune in very well to our life situation. We still fondly remember the marriage preparation with Katrin, some of the things we discussed back then still give us a guideline for finding solutions today and we still occasionally see her for a counseling session. In retrospect we can say had we known how much we benefit from it, we would have participated in the marriage preparation even if it had cost 10,000 Euros.

Andrea and Alex, happily married since July 2006