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It is important to me that people regardless of their income and living conditions have the opportunity to work on their relationship or marriage or to prepare well for their marriage. Therefore, I designed a model with three categories of fees and you can choose a category according to your current financial situation. The model is based on the one hand on mutual trust, which is an important basis for our collaboration and on the other hand it gives me the opportunity to also take on clients who are unable to pay the full rate. Of course this model can only work if I have clients in all three categories, because otherwise I cannot make a living from my income.

A counseling hour is 50 minutes and costs

  • for individual counseling: 90+ €, reduced: 70.- € and 50.- €
  • for couples counseling: 110+ €, reduced: 90.- € and 70.- € 

90+ and 110+ means that people who are a little better-off financially are free to add a random amount to the 90.- or 110.- €, which then in turn allows me to accept more clients from the lower price categories. The discounted categories are intended for people who are currently in a difficult financial situation, unemployed or students who have little income of their own. All fees without VAT (Mehrwertsteuer), as I'm currently still exempt from VAT according to § 19 UStG.

Unless otherwise arranged, individual appointments take place in weekly meetings of one counseling hour each, while couple appointments usually take place in sessions of two counseling hours each. Marriage preparation sessions take place in two-to four-hour sessions or in blocks of full days of eight hours each (especially convenient for couples who live farther away).

Since unfortunately couples therapy and counseling are not covered by health insurance in Germany, it is currently not possible to settle my fees with the state health insurance. Individuals who are covered by private insurance may in some cases be able to apply to their insurance for a partial refund of the fees. Please inform yourself before the beginning of counseling and clarify the reimbursement options with your insurance company.